Photo by Matt Glavin

Under the co-artistic direction of founder Béa Rashid and Christina Ernst, the Evanston Dance Ensemble (EDE), in collaboration with The Academy of the Music Institute of Chicago, the ETHS Choral Ensemble, and the Steve Rashid Quintet,
will present a full evening of dance paired with live music performances.

Opening on Mar. 13 at 7:30 p.m., “The Music Moves” includes six pieces from five professional choreographers, set to live jazz, classical and rhythmic body percussion. 

“The idea of collaboration between artists of different disciplines has captivated me,” said Ms. Ernst. “In bringing these artistic communities together, our dancers are seeing the achievement level of another performing artist who has committed years to training on an instrument or training their voice versus their bodies.”

Ms. Rashid adds, “We feel very lucky to be based in a community like Evanston where there are so many institutions that train young artists at a very high level in many disciplines. For this production, we truly believe we are collaborating with the musical stars of the future. It’s exciting.”

“The Music Moves” opens with Ms. Rashid’s “Piano Suites” set to award winning composer Steve Rashid’s Song of Songs” and features guest dancers Megan Walsh and Joseph Caruana of Elements Contemporary Ballet. Next on the program, Stephanie Paul, co-founder and artistic director of Be the Groove, has choreographed a piece set to rhythmic body percussion. Award-winning choreographer and co-artistic director of LEVELdance, Eddy Ocampo closes the first act with contemporary choreography set to jazz music from the Steve Rashid Quintet, with singer Typhanie Monique.

The program continues through the weekend; all performances will be at Northwestern University’s Josephine Louis Theatre, 20 Arts Circle Drive.

Tickets are $24, $16 for children under 18, students and seniors and are available by calling 847-491-7282 or online at