“Resources for a Peaceable City” is the name of the community resource guide compiled by members of Peaceable Cities: Evanston. The words on its cover state its purpose: to connect those in need to those who can help.

The book is organized by need, such as housing assistance, senior services and employment and education resources, so that users can find all services under the category of their need, said Joey Rodgers, executive director of Peaceable Cities.

Nine categories of services are listed, many with several subsections. As examples, “General Family and Parenting Resources” include parent/guardian assistance, teen pregnancy and parenting resources, infant/toddler/childcare resources, resources for adults working with at-risk youth and after-school programs. Under “financial assistance,” there is a “food category” with subsets of applying for food stamps, food pantries, hot meals and food delivery services.” Other categories in “financial assistance” are for clothing distribution and housing assistance – including assistance with utilities and household repairs and with specialized housing.

The spiral-bound book is available by calling 847-475-5740. It is also available at www.peaceablecities.org. The online version will be regularly updated and corrected when necessary, Ms. Rodgers said.