If we are concerned enough about where the world is, we need not worry about where it is going.

The reason why older people keep dropping things is that it’s God’s way of making them exercise.

God’s greatest gift to two-career families is … grandparents.

There is no such thing as bad knowledge; that is where wisdom comes in, which enables one to become a better self and, eventually, to make the world a better place.

Acceptance is the beginning of finding personal peace.

Be grateful snow is white. If it were gray, like rain clouds or volcanic ash, it would be at least twice as difficult to handle.

It’s always worth a chuckle when the guy “doin’ sixty” passing me is waiting at the next stoplight.

The older I get, the older I feel – except in my head where I am as young as my newest question.

“I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as …” a sunrise, sunset, cherry blossom, baby’s smile, wheat field, shooting star, kiss, life itself and, of course, “a tree.”

If “In the beginning was the Word,” shouldn’t we realize that language creates? If we can talk ourselves into and out of, can’t we also talk our worlds and ourselves into being what we want them to be? Consistency and patience are essential.

Marriage is finally getting to be more about person – and love – than about sex.

I am old enough to ask: Which came first, God or religion?

What one can laugh about (not “at”) one can live with. We are learning that laughter without wisdom – in everyone concerned – can be dangerous … and deadly.

Freedom of speech presumes, and requires, sanity in both speaker and listener.

Every moment of one’s life, this one included, holds the entire truth of self. It is where life happens. Think about it.