There is a very important School Board election on April 7.  

I am writing to encourage a vote for one particular candidate, Jonathan Baum.

Jonathan has been a member of the 202 Board for the past 4 years.

He has been the driving force between the enhanced collaboration between D65 and D202.  In fact, Barbara Hiller says, “Jonathan is passionate about bringing D65 and D202 together on behalf of all our children.  Without his determination and leadership, our collaboration would not have come so far and so fast.”

He has encouraged D202 to focus on the individual ETHS student, increasing each student’s academic trajectory by enhancing course offerings and supports for students at all ability levels.

He has worked tirelessly to increase transparency and accountability.  Board committees are now run by board members, not administrators.  Board meetings are now broadcast live on TV and Internet.

Jonathan is unique in that five sitting D65 Board members are endorsing his candidacy.

He brings to the board his unique experience as an ETHS alum, a civil rights lawyer, a former member of the D65 Board and a parent of ETHS students.

Remember that you can vote early from March 23 – April 4 and can also vote absentee by requesting a ballot from cookcountyclerk.com.

You can learn more about Jonathan and register your support for him at baum202.org.

As a 20-year veteran of the 202 Board, I feel uniquely positioned to urge you to make sure Jonathan is returned to the Board.

Margaret Lurie