I’m supporting Jonathan Baum for reelection to the District 202 (ETHS) School Board. Jonathan and his family were longtime residents of the Great 8th Ward. His service to youth in our community is unparalleled. While currently on the 202 Board, he has served on the YOU Board and also served us well as a member of Evanston Skokie District 65 Board. 

Like many of us, his children have attended both school districts. Given his unique understanding of the workings of the Districts, his leadership has resulted in a closer working relationship between 65 and 202

 If you have the time, take a moment and watch a 202 school board meeting on public access TV. When you hear Jonathan speak you are bound to say, “That’s what I would’ve said,” or “That’s what I’m thinking.” Please vote for Jonathan Baum. Join me and reelect him to the District 202 School Board.

Ann Rainey