We would like to enthusiastically endorse Richard Rykhus, who is running for re-election to the District 65 School Board. Our experience working with Richard has been extraordinarily positive and we encourage our fellow Evanstonians to support him in the upcoming election.

We are parents of a child who attends Park School in Evanston. Richard has been Park School’s School Board liaison and also serves on the Joint Committee that oversees Park, which is funded and managed as part of a joint agreement between Districts 65 and District 202.

We have become familiar with Richard’s positions on a number of issues affecting special education in Evanston, and are so impressed by his understanding and knowledge in this area. He is always well-prepared to discuss any question, rigorously reflects on the consequences of higher-level decisions for students with disabilities throughout the District, and treats parents, teachers, and staff with professionalism and compassion.  

Richard’s background in financial analysis, combined with his commitment to equity for all students, make him a vital voice on the Board. He offers reasoned understanding of budgets while not losing sight of the need to invest smartly in our kids and our teachers to ensure long term success.  Please join us in re-electing him to the District 65 School Board.