I enthusiastically support Jonathan Baum for re-election to the District 202 (ETHS) School Board. His experience and his commitment to student learning are necessary if the Board is to continue the hard work of raising the academic achievement of all students. I have known Jonathan for decades, and served on the Y.O.U. Board with him. He is a public servant of the highest order. He does his homework, has deep convictions, and is fearless when expressing his opinion.  

As a former ETHS teacher, I worked with many outstanding School Board members. Like Mr. Baum, all of them understood that to increase achievement, teachers must be supported in their efforts to improve instructional techniques. This type of work takes time and vision. It also takes leaders, like Jonathan, who are willing to spearhead collaborative efforts with District 65 and other community groups interested in the well being of our children. Please join me in re-electing him to the District 202 School Board.

Chip Brady