Evanston is fortunate to have a proven leader like Jonathan Baum.  He worked tirelessly on behalf of Evanston students on the District 65 School Board and now, as a member of the District 202 Board, has led the effort to increase collaboration between the districts to create an improved and more seamless educational experience for our students.   His proven leadership has also helped eliminate barriers to achievement, enhanced equity, and increased excellence in a variety of key areas.    

I am a 1987 graduate of ETHS with a son at the high school and two daughters who will enter ETHS over the next four years.  I’ve come to know Jonathan as a person of high integrity who cares deeply about ensuring that all students receive the best education and guidance that ETHS can possibly offer. 

Like me, Jonathan is an ETHS alum and a parent of ETHS students.  He understands the challenges faced by students, teachers, parents and the administration.  In addressing those challenges, Jonathan has proven himself as a strong advocate for data-based decision making and greater transparency.  And he has asked the difficult but necessary questions to help ensure that ETHS lives up to its promise of providing each student with the best possible education.  

I have witnessed Jonathan’s dedication first hand and have been impressed by his open-minded approach to addressing the challenges of Evanston’s schools. His achievements include helping to enhance the curriculum, improving supports and guidance for students, and providing a public evaluation of school programs.  In addition, Jonathan has tirelessly worked to enhance coordination between D65 and D202 through the development of joint goals for student achievement, joint assessment of student progress, and a joint calendar process.  He presently sits on the joint committee of D65 and D202 and is tasked with overseeing this process on behalf of ETHS. 

I strongly encourage you to re-elect Jonathan Baum to the District 202 School Board.  Nobody will be more dedicated to finding and delivering the best solutions for achieving equity and excellence for all of Evanston’s youth. 

David Ter Molen