We would like to enthusiastically endorse Jonathan Baum for re-election to the District 202 School Board. We are the parents of a middle-schooler who attends Park School, Evanston’s public school for students, ages 3-22, with moderate to profound disabilities.

We are supporting Jonathan because he is one of our most consistent, thoughtful voices for collaborative, individualized attention to the needs of all of Evanston’s students. He has championed increased cooperation between D65 and D202 to create a seamless transition for students and their families as they enter high school. And he has led the way in insisting on greater transparency in D202’s communications and planning.

For us, Jonathan’s sensitive and realistic understanding of the needs of students in special education is especially important. Jonathan has been a long-standing member of the Park School Advisory Board, both as a D65 and a D202 representative, so he understands as few others do what our daughter’s school does for children of all ages, and what it means to this community.

At the recent candidates’ forum held at ETHS, Jonathan noted that special education needs to be understood as a spectrum of services, some quite minimal and some very intensive. He explained that approaching this population with a “one size fits all” solution simply misses the great complexity and variety of our students’ needs.

We could not agree more and are grateful for his commitment to equity for students with disabilities in Evanston. We hope others will join us in re-electing Jonathan to the D202 School Board, where he can continue to be a voice for thoughtful attention to the needs of all of our students.

Margaret Storey and Jonathan Heller