I am supporting Anne Sills for the ETHS School Board based on her 24-year track record supporting our public schools and her commitment to our community. Anne’s work as President of the District 65 PTA Council, Member of the ETHS PTSA, and Member of the ETHS School Improvement Team demonstrates her strong interest in improving educational opportunities for all Evanston students. She has addressed many educational issues facing today’s schools through her work on a number of committees, including serving as Chair of the Joint Legislative Task Force, a Member of the Community Legislative Committee, and a Committee Representative to ED-RED (Education, Research, and Development organization for suburban schools). Anne’s role as an Education Observer to both the Illinois Local Food Farms & Jobs Council and the USDA Food and Nutrition “GoodGreens” group in addition to serving as a Board Member of the Evanston Food Exchange reflects her interest in the health and welfare of our citizens.

As a former ETHS School Board member, I know that identifying the best course of action for all students requires carefully reviewing available information and resources, listening to community concerns, considering administrative and faculty recommendations, and deliberating with fellow Board members. Anne’s civic and community accomplishments reflect her effectiveness as a leader, her ability to work well with a team and her commitment to getting things done and making a difference. In the 9 years that I have known Anne, my admiration for her efforts and dedication to Evanston has only increased. Anne would be an excellent member of the ETHS School Board; and, I encourage you to vote for her on April 7th.

Missy Fleming