I am writing to add my voice to those supporting the re-election of Mark Metz to his seat on the District 202 School Board, hoping to see him given the opportunity to continue his fine service to the students, teachers, and administration of Evanston Township High School and to the Evanston-Skokie community. 

In making this endorsement I could, of course, point to Mark’s years of service to Evanston and its people, including his time on the Parks and Recreation Board and his leadership of the Evanston Youth Baseball Association during its period of enormous growth and the addition of softball to its name. 

But if ever there was a case for electing a person based on his record while in office, this is it.  Mark is the longest-serving member of the board.  On his watch, both as member and as President, the progress at ETHS has been remarkable. 

Out of a vigorous debate about Advanced Placement we are seeing record numbers of students of all races and economic backgrounds taking AP courses and succeeding in them.  The courses in the Geometry in Construction and Algebra in Entrepreneurship are models of effective education.  ACT scores are at an all-time high—and remember it was not so long ago that not every student had to take the ACT. 

The financial footing of ETHS is solid, with a AAA bond rating, a rarity among school districts.  Mark was also one of the founders of the District 202 Educational Foundation which has opened new and large sources of funding for the school. 

Looking to the future I know that Mark shares the view of many in Evanston that the time is right to deepen the alignment with the District 65 schools and he is among the leaders in helping that happen. 

My list could go on, but my point is this.  The leadership of ETHS is solid and committed to a program of steady improvement.  Mark Metz is central to that and I urge my fellow Evanstonians to give him the opportunity to continue. 

Ray Boyer