O, give me a home that’s not afraid to roam. The three parts of the house move down Central Street.                                                                     Photo by Victoria Scott

Irving house is now at home, and this historic house, divided into three parts, will soon be a home again.

It was designed in 1928 by John Van Bergen, a protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright and Walter Burley Griffin, both of whom designed houses in Evanston and elsewhere in the Chicago area. When the house, then on Isabella Street in Wilmette, was about to be demolished in 2012, architect  Christopher Enck purchased it. Last fall, he had it moved to the parking lot of the former Dominick’s food store on Green Bay Road, where it rested until March 5.

Starting at about 6 a.m. on March 5, the house was moved south on Green Bay Road, then west on Central Street to its new location on Crawford Avenue.

The City of Evanston alerted businesses and buses to the move, coordinated traffic lights to flash red and hooded parking meters to keep the streets clear. The cold day took on a festive atmosphere, as people came out and waved. Workers at Curt’s Café took fresh-baked scones out to the workers as they passed along west Central Street.

Counting the rest stop on Green Bay Road, the journey of some three miles took about six months.