I support Monique Parsons’ candidacy to join the School District 202 School Board. Having known Monique Parsons for the past ten years, it is with unbridled enthusiasm that I endorse her candidacy for District 202’s School Board.

Monique has spent her entire career both personally and professionally in pursuit of the idea that all children should succeed. From her time at Boy’s and Girl’s club, to her current role at the YMCA, Monique has consistently been a voice for those who are sometimes voiceless.

As a parent, as someone who is active in every corner of this community and as an advocate for youth she is the ideal candidate. Monique is passionate about service to Evanston and a tireless and fearless leader.

Lastly, Monique is unfailingly thoughtful and careful in how she expresses herself. This School Board has occasionally slipped into less than civil discourse, Monique, however passionately she feels about a topic, would never treat her colleagues as anything other than the community-minded citizens that they are. Even in disagreement, she always remains calm, respectful and never loses the ability to truly listen to others.

— Susan Sowle