I am writing to share my enthusiastic support for Monique Parsons’ candidacy for the District 202 School Board.  Evanston residents are fortunate to have Monique running in the April 7 election.  

As the Chief Operating Officer of the McGaw YMCA for the past four years and with 20 years of experience in community-based non-profits, Monique brings excellent credentials to the 202 Board.  From working with the Y board, she deeply understands the roles and responsibilities of a board member.  Through my own work with Foundation 65 and education initiatives across Evanston, I have seen first hand how Monique collaborates with other organizations to reach goals, how she listens to others and how she believes that every young person has the power to achieve their goals.  No wonder she is greatly admired in the Evanston non-profit community.  

Monique has deep roots in the Evanston/Skokie community – she is one of five siblings raised here.  She is thoughtful, intentional, and is dedicated to investing the time and effort required for this role.  

Monique cares deeply about equity and excellence for ALL students.  She wants every young person at ETHS to have the support and success that she wants for her own son, who is a junior at the high school.  She will challenge ETHS to continue to maintain high expectations for EVERY student, with a relentless goal that every child succeeds, and every child meets his or her full potential.   

With one son at ETHS and two more headed there soon, I want Monique’s thoughtful voice, vision, expertise, and dedication reflected on the D202 School Board.  

I encourage Evanstonians to vote for Monique Parsons on April 7 (or during early voting, beginning March 23.)  

Patty Barbato