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Recognizing a trend throughout the United States of citizens being vicitimized during the transaction of items where the sale was arranged over the internet, the Evanston Police Department is offering citizens the use of the front curb parking area of the police station as well as the police lobby in order to complete the transaction. The front of the police station is well lit and under twenty-four hour video surveillance. The front lobby of the police station is staffed by department personnel at all times. 

The Evanston Police Department is located at 1454 Elmwood Avenue. The use of the police station is meant to provide a safe environment and deter a crime from occurring. Police department employees will not take part or assist in any civil transaction between private parties. Transactions related to weapons of any kind are prohibited. Transactions for any large or bulky items should be conducted in the front curb area of the police station and not brought into the lobby.