I’m writing in support of Richard Rykhus, who is seeking his second term on the District 65 school board.
I met Richard when he was on the steering committee of CASE — Citizens for Appropriate Special Education. Both of us have children with special needs. Richard has been especially effective in advocating for children with special needs, but he has many strengths that he brings to the board on behalf of all children in Evanston.
During his first term on the board, Richard has undertaken a thorough and rigorous analysis of all issues. He asks insightful, informed questions and is respectful even when the debate becomes heated.

Richard has brought meaningful and effective proposals to the board, which have been implemented. He has pushed for a revision of the district’s suspension policy, providing for alternatives to suspension. This has ensured fewer lost days of instruction for at-risk students.

He has brought greater transparency by arranging for a live broadcast of all Finance Committee meetings. During the search for a new superintendent, Richard worked to draw the community into the process. He makes his decisions about programming, finances and operations based upon data.

If re-elected, Richard’s goal is to continue as Finance Committee chair — a crucial role given the current fiscal situation in Illinois. He is also focused on attracting, developing and evaluating good teachers, and he will work to better coordinate District 65 and District 202.

I hope you will go to the polls on April 7 and vote for Richard Rykhus!

Thank you,
Nancy Traver