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Evanston, Illinois – The Evanston Fire Department is reminding residents and visitors to be mindful when walking along the lakefront. The shelf ice is melting and becoming unstable following recent warmer temperatures. Avoid walking on icy areas near the lakefront, especially when in the company of pets, who are likely to venture out and can easily fall through the ice.

On Saturday, March 14, just before 4:30 p.m., Evanston Fire companies responded to Lighthouse Beach to rescue two pre-teen girls who were trapped on an ice shelf. The girls had been walking along the shoreline when a section of the ice that they were on (approximately 8’ X 5’), broke off and fell into the lake.

One of the girls fell into the lake, but was able to climb back on the ice shelf. Evanston Fire companies were able to rescue both girls by using a ladder to get them safely to shore.

On March 9, a dog was rescued from shelf ice. For more information, please review past warnings regarding the dangers of shelf ice posted at