We would like to express our enthusiastic support for Bill Stafford for re-election to the Oakton Community College District 535 Board. Bill has provided strong financial leadership as chair of both the Finance and Audit committees.

 During his tenure Oakton has embarked on a long-needed $68.5 million capital improvements program.  The recent opening of the new, state-of-the-art $39 million Lee Science and Health Careers Center is the centerpiece of that new building program. This world-class facility is not only an emblem of environmental stewardship, but also a result of fiscal conservation. Oakton is particularly proud to have been able to self-finance $20 million of the project’s $39 million budget, for which Bill provided invaluable financial stewardship.

 He also helped to secure an Aaa Moody’s bond rating (the highest rating a governmental body can receive) for Oakton, which reduces the cost of money to taxpayers when the College borrows funds. His re-election will maintain consistency and provide financial leadership for the Oakton Community College Board. I hope you will join us in voting for Bill on April 7 or during the early voting period.

Daniel and Lisa Stein