I am writing in support of Jennifer Phillips, candidate for D65 School Board. Jennifer is a D65 parent committed to the advancement and achievement of EVERY student in our district.

From her work experience in the non-profit sector and consulting, Jennifer brings knowledge of negotiating within a board environment and keeping the needs of all participants in sight. She has also been a part of the D65 strategic planning process, which requires a perspective on the future of our district and the feasibility of our goals.

Jennifer is a strong advocate of math and STEM education for our district’s students. Through her extensive research, she created an advocacy group that will bring math fluency to students in need in our schools.

Jennifer is so very intelligent, poised, and fair. She believes in equity for all and is extraordinarily diplomatic in her platform.

Join me in voting to elect Jennifer Phillips to the District 65 School Board. Vote early beginning March 23rd.

-Melissa Polivka