I am writing to encourage Evanstonians to vote in the school board election and to re-elect Jonathan Baum for the Evanston Township High School District 202 Board. I have known Jonathan for over 15 years, as his children attended Cherry Preschool when I was director. I am impressed by his long-standing dedication to serving our community, both as a member of the District 65 School Board and more recently the District 202 Board.

As a graduate of Evanston public schools and the parent of four children who have also attended them, Jonathan possesses a unique perspective. Having served on both boards, he is committed to greater collaboration, communication, and curriculum alignment between Districts 65 and 202. In addition, Jonathan believes education should focus on each student as an individual and on enabling every child to make educational progress on his or her own trajectory.

Early voting takes place March 23-April 4, and Election Day is April 7.  Local elections matter. Please exercise your right to vote and support Jonathan Baum.

Laurie Levy