Three seats on the District 202 Board of Education will be decided in the upcoming election. Evanston is tremendously fortunate to have three highly qualified candidates to fill those seats: incumbent (and recent Board President) Mark Metz, longtime education advocate, Anne Sills, and Monique Parsons, current ETHS parent and nonprofit leader.

Mark Metz is the longest serving member of the current Board. A strong and visionary leader, Mark joined the Board at a transformational time. He diplomatically guided the district toward policies that ensure that ETHS continues to foster the highest student achievement levels in district history, across all demographics. Furthermore, Mark brings years of financial acumen to careful oversight of the district budget. It is no surprise that the district has earned the AAA bond rating during the years he’s served on the Board.

Anne Sills has tirelessly advocated for public education in Evanston for decades. She has a particular interest in the legislative process and served for years on the D65/D202 Joint Legislative Task force. Her legislative expertise will be needed more than ever with our new governor’s proposed cuts looming large. An ETHS alum herself, Anne is determined to maintain the highest standards for the District.

Monique Parsons, currently Chief Operating Officer of the McGaw YMCA, leads with thoughtfulness and integrity. As ETHS moves closer to realizing its vision of equity and excellence, Monique will work determinedly to ensure that every student from every neighborhood has the opportunity to succeed at ETHS.

Mark, Anne and Monique all understand the role of the Board in helping to shape the policies that have made ETHS one of the preeminent high schools in the United States. Please join me April 7th in voting for these three candidates. ETHS, and Evanston, will be stronger with them on the Board. 


Rachel Hayman