Monique Parsons provides maturity, parity in opportunities, love for all students, and a desire improve our community through educational endeavors.

I am very pleased to write this letter of support for another dynamic person and citizen who is a candidate for Evanston School District #202.  Ms. Monique Parson has matriculated the Evanston school system as a student.  She also has been a very proud parent of a student in that system.  As a youngster, she always knew what it took to be a dedicated and conscientious student seeking to be the best that she could be.  Her family would not permit anything less than the best from her.  That is all that she knows, is to give her best in all of her efforts.  That behavior manifests itself as an adult, where she wants nothing but the best for all of the children in Evanston.    Her essential affiliation will be with high school students, staff and community, but she will perpetuate the concept and need for articulation with the elementary school district, regarding whatever is needed to prepare students for entry into high school as they journey through, in preparation for college.  She is truly an advocate for quality education for all students.  I can’t stress enough how fortunate we are to have her as a potential board of education member for district #202.   Her knowledge of the educational system, the community at large, and a willingness to make a good system better, is paramount.   I have seen her grow as an elementary student through adulthood, and I can’t be any prouder of anyone who has proven how to get jobs done.  I strongly urge your vote for Monique Parsons.

Oliver A. Ruff