Omar Brown shares brilliance, work ethics, and a willingness to improve the community.

I am privileged and honored to submit a strong message of support for one of three members who are running a campaign as school board members.  Mr. Omar Brown has already demonstrated his commitment to this community as a civic participant, who strives to make this city a better place with all of his efforts.  I have gotten to know him through many avenues from his family and community, as well as becoming familiar with his work ethics and love for all youngsters, but specifically those who are not performing as well as could be, and needing improvement. 

He loves children, this community, and the benefits of education for all youngsters within this wonderful school district #65.  Mr. Brown is intelligent, willing to listen, responsive, responsible, visible, accessible, and true to his word and work.  As a selected replacement for over a year, he has already demonstrated leadership, and commitment to get things done.  He is the epitome of what I consider a dedicated board of education member.  I strongly encourage your support for his candidacy as a district #65 school board member.   

Oliver A. Ruff