Having the right people in decision making positions is important especially when the decisions they make are about our children and our children’s education.  Omar Brown is the kind of smart, dedicated, thoughtful leader we need making decisions in District 65.

I first met and worked with Omar through the McGaw YMCA’s Achiever’s program, a partnership with ETHS to support teens’ discovery and pursuit of higher education and career goals by equipping them with the skills they need.  Omar has since filled an open seat on the District 65 school board. 

These experiences alone attest to Omar’s commitment to Evanston and to all of our children – and they are but two of a long list.  Additionally, he is a thoughtful, reasonable leader who listens and works well with others to ensure all young people get what they need to be successful.  And his professional experience in human resources and pension funds bring needed knowledge and expertise to the school board.

The District 65 School Board made a great decision in filling their open seat with Omar Brown.  Please join me in voting for Omar now to continue to serve on the District 65 school board.  We need his experience, expertise, leadership and commitment to our community and our children.   

Patricia Maunsell