On March 27, Churchill Daniels, principal at Oakton Elementary School, announced his decision to resign his position, effective at the end of this school year. He shared the news at a staff meeting scheduled that morning and also sent a letter to all Oakton families. In his letter, he announced his plans to continue his career in public education and how fortunate he felt to be a part of the Oakton community. Mr. Daniels served as principal at the elementary school for the past eight years.

“We thank Mr. Daniels for his dedication and commitment to serving the students, staff, and families of Oakton Elementary School,” said Superintendent Paul Goren. “We wish Mr. Daniels success in his future endeavors.”  

On March 30, Dr. Goren and Assistant Superintendent John Price met with parents and staff members to discuss the next steps in the principal selection process. “We are committed to actively engaging the school community in selecting the next principal at Oakton Elementary,” said Dr. Goren. “It’s important that we hear from the many voices that make up this diverse school community. We look forward to working alongside our parents and staff members throughout this important process.”

Over the next two months, there will be several opportunities for the Oakton School community to provide feedback and to play an active role in the principal selection process, said the District in a prepared statement. Details concerning the timeline and engagement opportunities will be forthcoming.