With 61 of 61 precincts reporting but without the write-in vote tally, the unofficial election results from cookcountyclerk.com show Omar Brown, Jennifer Phillips and Richard Rykhus will fill the three positions on the Disctrict 65 School Board, and Jonathan Baum, Mark Metz and Monique Parsons will fill those on the District 202 School Board.

Mr. Brown and Mr. Rykhus are incumbents at District 65; Mr. Baum and Mr. Metz are incumbents at District 202.

Patrick McCourt retained his seat as commissioner of Ridgeville Park Distsrict.

Voter turnout for the school districts – which encompass all of Evanston and part of Skokie, was 8.9%: There are 50,274 registered voters in the school districts, which are coterminous, and 4,476 ballots were cast.

The vote tallies for District 65 are as follows:

Omar Brown, 3,359

Adrian Dortch, 1,190

Jennifer Phillips, 3,133

Richard Rykhus, 2,688

Vote tallies for District 202 are below:

Jonathan Baum, 2,769

Adrian Dortch, 713

Mark Metz, 2,330

Monique Parsons 3,010

Anne Sills,  2,095 

The totals for Oakton Community College are:

William “Bill” Stafford 12,259

Benjamin Salzberg  8,790

Ridgeville Park District Commissioner

Patrick McCourt, 643

Socorro Clarke, 499