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Former Evanston resident and Kenya Country Director of The ABCs of Sex Education Phylis Nasubo Magina will speak at the Evanston Public Library on April 20 from 6 to 7 p.m. about her sex education and HIV prevention work in Kenya.

The program is free and will include photos, demonstrations, and Kenyan food.

The ABCs teaches the internationally endorsed cornerstones of comprehensive sex education: Abstain, Be faithful, and/or use Condoms correctly and consistently.

The ABCs trains Kenyan farmers to teach their peers HIV prevention with a focus on role-plays and breaking social taboos around sex education and HIV testing. The program has reduced teen pregnancy by 25%, according to school reports, and increased condom use and HIV testing in communities after teaching sessions by 20%, according to clinics and shopkeepers.

Ms. Magina will present The ABCs’ social enterprise pitch at Yale’s Global Health and Innovation Conference before visiting Evanston. She and her family lived in Evanston for eight years in the 1990s, and she says she is looking forward to seeing old friends and spreading the word about her work in Kenya.

She says, “I missed Kenyan cooking and my family while I was in the U.S., but I miss my American friends and Evanston when I’m in Kenya.”

Executive Director Kathy Tate-Bradish founded the ABCs after 10 years of volunteer teaching and training in rural Kenya. Her Kenya-specific ABCs curriculum has reached more than 70,000 rural Kenyans since its inception in 2004.

Ms. Magina first met Ms. Tate-Bradish as her Swahili teacher, and together they co-authored the English-Swahili ABCs, Curriculum. Ms. Magina now lives in Kenya and manages 49 HIV educators who work in schools and community groups.