On April 14 Sarah Mendez, Principal at Nichols Middle School, announced to staff and families that she had accepted the position of principal at Hatch Elementary School in Oak Park School District 97. Ms. Mendez will continue as principal at Nichols through the remainder of this school year.

“I would like to congratulate Sarah Mendez on her recent selection as principal of Hatch Elementary in Oak Park. I wish her all the best in her future career,” said Paul Goren, Superintendent of District 65, in a letter to staff and families.

The District plans to establish a principal selection process with the goal of having a new principal in place at Nichols by the start of the next school year. “I would like to invite the staff and families of Nichols to be a part of this important process,” said Dr. Goren.  “I believe that direct and ongoing engagement with the school community is a critical aspect of the principal selection process.”

As soon as details are finalized, information will be shared with the Nichols school community concerning next steps and opportunities for involvement. “Our first step will be to develop a leadership profile that will identify the desired characteristics of the next principal of Nichols Middle School. We look forward to working alongside our staff members and parents throughout this important process,” said Dr. Goren.