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Developers’ level of optimism about Evanston is an endless phenomenon.

The most recent manifestation is on the edge of downtown Evanston, where Pat FitzGerald, a veteran architect, has just completed an impressive project on Emerson Street from Maple to Oak Avenue.

The two glass towers will house rental apartments sized from studio to 3-bedrooms and include a selection of townhomes. Both towers sit on a base that houses commercial area and residential amenities including an outdoor lap pool and a basketball court. The Fifield Company’s choice of architects – FitzGerald, who designed the project and the architectural firm of Fred Wilson and Elissa Morgante, who are responsible for the interiors, have earned positive recognition for a visual and functional addition to our city. 
An elegant, Spartan geometry characterizes the entire project. Above the four-story base for parking and commercial use, the two towers are practically identical.  Both contain large quantities of glass giving them a sense of airy, clean elegance. This and the bold cantilever of the balconies minimize the seeming weight of the buildings. All in all, this is a handsome addition to the downtown. The project also opens an area that lacked visual interest.  Just one more reason people prefer to live here in Evanston.