A Constitution for a United, Interdependent Reality

We, the Peoples of the World, all races, all nations, all genders, all ages stand together seeking justice, acceptance, understanding and equality – of opportunity at least but especially in the minds and behaviors of all human beings.

We, the Peoples of the World, believe in the Oneness of the Universe and the connectedness of all living beings. We hold all human life sacred and meaningful.

We, the Peoples of the World, believe in freedom, but with responsibility to self and others; freedom of belief and creativity, of speech and imagination, of love in its fullest sense, of any truth that expands and enriches both mind and heart.

We, the Peoples of the World believe in peace, both personal and world embracing; peace that is not imposed but found within every self and shared with every other person, race and nation.

We, the Peoples of the World believe in, even while not knowing, history’s full truth, its lessons and legacies; in government “of the people, by the people and for the people;” in a solidarity that shares power rather than seizes and abuses it.

We, the Peoples of the World recognize, accept and embrace our humanness and differences and all the challenges they present. It is in these places of truth we most need one another because our world and our entwined lives are far from being as perfect as this Document seems to imply but dares not and does not.

We, the Peoples of the Worldacknowledge that we, like the world itself, are unfinished and far from perfect. But therein is our workplace. We own our failings, feel the frustrations  of our ideals, abhor the obscenities of too many realities. We take pride in our world’s progress, the consistent growth of knowledge, the explosion of technology, the reach beyond gravity into space. But we are impatient with the stubbornness of human nature to change. 

We, the Peoples of the Worldaffirm the human spirit that sees good in all while attesting that good can become better, eyes wider and clearer, minds more open and teachable, and hearts ever more capable of love.

At this time in history, We, the Peoples of the World, believing the journey to wholeness has barely begun, and even while realizing that Utopia is poetry, commit ourselves to the next millimeter, at least, of getting there.

This writer believes in the possibility of this kind of world; the above is sung much too far ahead of its time. If language creates, it is well worth singing and being heard.