At the District 65 School Board’s meeting on April 28, Board member Richard Rykhus reported that there was good news for Park School.

He said the Long Range Planning Committee for Park School held its last meeting last week and that it will submit its recommendations to the Park School Advisory Board on May 5. Mr. Rykhus served on that committee.

“I have a happy report coming out of the Long Range Planning Committee that we have some really solid recommendations for next year, which are not for implementation next year, except maybe one or two smaller things, but they are for planning, such as programmatic recommendations, some things related to finance, things about marketing and communications about Park,” said Mr. Rykhus. “Those will be presented on May 5.”

Mr. Rykhus added, “I’m really happy to report that District 202 brought a programmatic option to the table at the last meeting. On top of the one proposed by District 65, both of them would expand the focus of Park in some new and exciting ways that I think people will really be excited about.”

He thanked Joyce Bartz for her leadership throughout the process. He also thanked Mary Brown and Kathy Zalewski for their financial analyses.

The May 5 meeting is scheduled to be an open meeting at which the public may attend. It is currently scheduled for 6 p.m. Check District 65’s website to confirm the time and place.  

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