The last scheduled District 202 School Board meeting of the year came to an end with no decision being made as to whom would fill the vacant position created by Bill Geiger’s resignation. At the June 22 meeting, which lasted less than 30 minutes, Board member Mark Metz made a motion to appoint Anne Sills. The vote failed 3-3. No other motions were made.

Anne Sills ran for a position on the Board in the April election and came in fourth with 19% of the vote. Board members have been split on whether to set aside policy which sets up a replacement process and instead appoint Ms. Sills who ran for the position less than 3 months ago. Fourteen candidates applied for the opening and all have been interviewed by the District 202 School Board.

 “As of yet, we have not appointed a School Board member,” said Pat Savage-Williams, Board president, after the motion to appoint Ms. Sills failed. She, along with Mr. Metz and Monique Parsons voted for the appointment of Ms. Sills. Gretchen Livingston, Jonathon Baum and Doug Holt voted against.

“We still have until July 10 to make a decision,” Ms. Savage-Williams told the Roundtable. “I am leaving it open. I have my own opinions but I am being respectful of the process. If someone wants to make a change we can call a special meeting. We will have to see what happens.”

If no one makes a move by the July 10 deadline, the election will be turned over to Regional Superintendent Bruce Brown who will then have 30 days to make the appointment. “I hope we don’t get to that point, that we can come to a conclusion,” said Ms. Savage-Williams.

The next scheduled meeting of the District 202 Board is after the July 10 deadline.


District 202 School Board Policy on Filling Vacancies

Section 5/10-10 of the Illinois School Code provides that when a school board member resigns from the board, “the remaining members shall … proceed to fill the vacancy until the next regular school election, at which election a successor shall be elected to serve the remainder of the unexpired term.” Section 5/1/-10 goes on to state, “Should they fail so to act, within 45 days after the vacancy occurs, the regional superintendent of schools … shall within 30 days after the remaining members have failed to fill the vacancy, fill the vacancy as provided for herein.”

Section 2.70 of the District 202 School Board’s Policies deals with filling a vacancy on the Board. It provides that when a member of the School Board resigns, “the remaining members … shall fill the vacancy until the next regular Board of Education election, at which election a successor shall be elected to serve the remainder of the unexpired term.”

Section 2:70E contains a “checklist for filling vacancies by appointment.” The checklist includes that the Board “Develop a list of qualifications for appointments of a person to fill vacancy,”  “Create Board member vacancy announcement,” “Publicize vacancy announcement …,” “Accept and review applications from prospective candidates,” “Contact appropriate applicants for interviews,” “Develop interview questions,” “Conduct interviews with candidates,” and “Fill vacancy by a vote during an open meeting of the Board before the 45th day (105 ILCS 5/10-10).”