NoParkSale would like to thank the thousand supporters who, for the second time in two years, placed signs in their yards declaring “Parks are for People, Not for Profit, Don’t Privatize Our Parkland.”  Your message to the Evanston City Council is clear, “Keep our parkland public.”

NoParkSale will be appearing in the Evanston 4th of July parade on July 4. We invite you to join us to demonstrate again that the people of Evanston want our parkland to remain PUBLIC. Please email us at if you would like to join us and check our website for time and place to meet.

On June 8th, the City Council decided to postpone further discussion of the future of Harley Clarke and all of Lighthouse Landing Park until late September. Until then it is important that we continue to display our signs to continually remind the Council of what we citizens of Evanston want: Public Parkland.

Governments in many areas of the country are receiving pressure to sell, lease or trade valuable public parkland for private development. These governmental bodies are tempted by the short sighted view that selling valuable public assets will bring in needed money. This is a shortsighted view. While there may be an immediate short term infusion of some money, the citizens of the area lose a valuable public asset which can never be replaced.  People need public spaces to recreate or just relax in tranquil surroundings. The park area around Harley Clarke is a prime example of the latter.

Most of us do not realize that around Lighthouse Beach there are actually four separate parcels of parkland. From south to north these are owned by: the Lighthouse Park District, the Harley Clarke parcel owned by the City, the section where the shelter is owned by the Lighthouse Park District, and the section with Noah’s Playground owned by the City. If any one of these parcels were to be privatized for commercial use, the ambience and environment of the whole area will be irrevocably destroyed. The City acquired Lighthouse Landing Park with Harley Clarke on it in the 1960s solely for the parkland and beach.  We must protect the parkland and keep it public.

Our ultimate goal is to create an advocacy group for all of Evanston’s parks so that if any park in Evanston is under threat of unwanted developments, NoParkSale can provide advocates from all areas of the City. If you would like to become a representative for your local park, please contact us at  All our parks must remain public.

Follow developments at Your continued participation is vital to the success of this effort.