Macbeth (Arc Theatre); Sat/Sun, July 11-Aug 2, 7pm
Romeo and Juliet(Mudlark Theater); July 23, 24, 29-31, 7 p.m.

It’s going to be another exciting summer at Ridgeville Park! Arc Theatre is returning with an exciting new version of Shakespeare’s most perfect tragedy, Macbeth. The tragedy continues with the greatest love story of all time, Romeo and Juliet, performed by Mudlark Theater’s teen ensemble (ages 13-17). Approximately 1,500 people are expected to attend these 13 performances that begin July 11th.

Over the last five years, Shakespeare on the Ridge has expanded from one weekend of shows on the side of a hill to a full run of shows featuring two theater companies on an outdoor stage. Shows are created specifically for the festival, custom adapted by the Arc Theatre and Mudlark Theater to focus on the colorful relationships and intricate story telling inherent in Shakespeare’s great works.

Admission is free. Some seating is provided, but audience members are free to bring their own blankets and chairs. Reserved picnic tables and front row seats are available to Festival VIP donors. For more information, please visit:

Shakespeare on the Ridge is sponsored by the Ridgeville Cultural Development Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, and is supported by the Evanston Arts Council as well as a number of local businesses including: First Bank and Trust, Campagnola, Little Beans Café, Target, and Quartet Copies.

Macbeth (Arc Theatre)

The Arc Theatre returns to Shakespeare on the Ridge for its 6th season with Shakespeare’s tragedy of vaulting ambition and betrayal, directed by Artistic Director Mark Boergers*, playing July 11th through August 2nd at Ridgeville Park, 908 Seward St., Evanston. Admission is free. The press preview is Friday, July 10th at 7pm. The Arc Theatre’s Macbeth illuminates the vaulting ambition of its title characters utilizing Arc’s trademark style; delving deeply into the bard’s complex story and relationships. Running under 90 minutes, this Macbeth is a fast-paced and riveting rendition of Shakespeare’s tale of betrayal, manipulation, witchcraft and blood debts. Featuring a fierce ensemble of some of Chicago’s most provocative theater artists, The Arc presents Macbeth with the surprising and sometimes astonishing twists and revelations audiences have come to expect from “The Arc.” The production team for MACBETH includes: Cailin Short* (scenic design), Catharine Young (costume design), Matt Reich (sound design), Dustyn Martincich (movement direction), Chris Rickett (Violence Design) and Tyler Meredith (assistant director/text coach). *Denotes The Arc Theatre Company Member.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Title: Macbeth Playwright: Shakespeare Director: Artistic Director Mark Boergers* Cast: Joe Flynn* (Macbeth), Natalie Sallee* (Lady Macbeth), Teddy Boone* (Malcom), David Meldman (MacDuff), Lana Smithner* (Lady Macduff), Andy Fleischer (Banquo), Clayton Barth (Lennox), Chelsea David (Gentlewoman), Daniel Mozurkewich (Porter) and Lana Smithner* (Win/Lady Nijo).

Location: Ridgeville Park, 908 Seward St.
Press Preview: Friday, July 10th at 7:00 pm Regular run: Saturday, July 11– Sunday, August 2, 2015
Curtain Times: Saturdays and Sundays at 7:00pm

Mark Boergers (Director) is the Artistic Director and co-founder of The Arc Theatre. He holds his MFA in Acting from The Theatre School at DePaul University as well as a BS in Business administration from Marquette University. He is a full-time faulty member and Artistic Director for the Performing Arts Department at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, WI. He has also works as a freelance casting associate for Paskal-Rudnicke Casting. Past directing credits include: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Merry Wives of Windsor, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night and Much Ado About Nothing for Shakespeare on the Ridge, Slow Dance on the Killing Ground for Athena Theatre in Los Angeles, Oedipus Rex and Top Girls for The Arc Theatre and Steel Magnolias, Kindertransport and Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? for Cardinal Stritch.

About The Arc Theatre
The Arc Theatre is a proud company in the image of Chicago Storefront Theaters. Formed in 2010 by three soon-to-be graduates of The Theatre School at DePaul University, The Arc is in artistic residence at “Shakespeare on the Ridge” in Evanston and produces a season of classical, contemporary and new works around Chicago with a relentless commitment to quality of process and craft. Having gained a reputation for intimate story-telling and rich creative experiences for both audience and artist, The Arc works with some of the most provocative theater practitioners in Chicago to create its one-of-a kind renditions. Following critically acclaimed productions of Much Ado About Nothing and Top Girls last season, The Arc’s current season exploring “mortal sin” is it’s most provocative yet. For Further information about “Macbeth,” to obtain reserved press seats, or to schedule an interview with The Arc Theatre, please visit or contact Teddy Boone at

Romeo and Juliet (Mudlark Theater)

Mudlark Theater makes its fifth stand at Shakespeare on the Ridge with a youth-driven production of Romeo and Juliet, directed by festival founder Michael Miro and Mudlark artistic director Andrew Biliter, playing July 23rd, 24th, 29th, 30th, and 31st at 7pm at Ridgeville Park, 908 Seward St., Evanston. Admission is free. Mudlark’s thrilling 90-minute version of the tragedy is unique in two respects: First, while most stage productions of Romeo and Juliet cast twenty-somethings in the title roles, Mudlark’s Romeo and Juliet are played by a fifteen and a fourteen-year-old, just as Shakespeare envisioned them. Second, the large cast fleshes out Shakespeare’s Verona by exposing the audience to a range of side characters—angry citizens, bumbling servants, a disappointed wedding band, and a trio of night watchmen—who are usually cut from contemporary productions. Their restoration lends surprising richness and humor to a play that many assume they know inside out. The production team for Romeo and Juliet includes: Erik Tylkowski (production design), Judy Krizmanic (costume design), Dru Smith (fight choreography), and Isabella Green (dance choreographer).


About Mudlark Theater

Mudlark Theater is a not-for-profit organization where children are taken seriously as artists, and learn theater by making it. As a rule, the general public expects little of children’s theater. Mudlark’s goal is to raise that expectation and keep it there. By holding children to a higher standard and empowering them to make strong artistic choices, we create the possibility for great theater—vibrant, polished, emotionally compelling work that erases the boundary between youth and professional theater. Our activities include a full season of six mainstage productions per year, plus a summer Shakespeare production, performed in Ridgeville Park as part of the Shakespeare on the Ridge Festival. The age range of children we work with is 8 to 18. Our Lab Shows (two per year) are more scaled-down affairs designed to incubate emerging talent (ages 8 to 13). In order to widen our talent pool and get kids interested in theater, we also offer on-site after-school drama classes at every elementary school in Evanston, plus camps and workshops throughout the summer.