As a government shutdown threatens vital state services for middle-class families, the elderly and disabled residents, state Rep. Laura Fine, D-Glenview, is refusing to take a state salary until the budget is finalized.  

“As an employee of the taxpayers in my district, I do not believe that I should be getting paid while essential services are threatened by the governor’s shutdown,” Fine said. “Legislators and the governor must continue to work on a comprehensive and balanced budget that protects vital services to for our most vulnerable citizens and middle-class families. Until that happens I won’t be cashing my paychecks and I urge my colleagues to do the same.”      

Despite the threat of a government shutdown that jeopardizes many critical services, including in-home care for seniors, assistance to the developmentally disabled, health care for veterans, and protective services for children who are victims of abuse, Comptroller Leslie Munger has indicated that she must continue to pay legislators. Fine will not deposit her pay check while those most in need are unable to receive essential state services.   

Fine is also fighting to protect important state programs during the shutdown. Yesterday, she voted for a measure which would have preserved services for the disabled, elderly and children, continued GPS monitoring of sexual predators, provided care for veterans and paid state police troopers, and will continue to push to keep vital services running.  

“Every day that goes by without a budget, more seniors, children with disabilities and middle-class families are losing services that they rely on,” Fine said. “It is not right that our most vulnerable citizens get caught in the middle of the political debate, and I urge all elected officials come to the table ready to do what is best for those we serve.”