The City has learned that approximately 800 of 11,444 Utility bills mailed in early July were sent with the incorrect return envelope by our contract mail house.  The return envelope included was for another of the vendor’s customers.

This was an error made while the bill was being prepared.  The vendor, Info Send, is preparing a letter that will be mailed as soon as possible (no later than tomorrow) to all residents who received the wrong envelope which will include an apology and the correct envelope. The vendor is unable to precisely pinpoint exactly who did not receive an envelope, so they will be sending letters to approximately 1,800 customers to make sure all are covered.

Info Send has already reached out to their other customer, Kaiser Permanente of Baltimore, and have established a protocol wherein any payments received in Baltimore will be sent back to the City.  Residents may send payment to the correct address with their own envelope: P.O. Box 4007, Carol Stream, IL 60197-4007.  

For further information, residents are encouraged to call 3-1-1.