“Woody” Bowman, age 73, was killed on July 10 in a car crash on I-94 in southwest Michigan. Mr. Bowman and his wife Michele Thompson were driving on the interstate when a semi rear-ended them, pushing them into the car in front of them. Mr. Bowman died, and Ms. Thompson has been hospitalized. 

Mr. Bowman served as a State Representative for the Evanston area from 1977 to 1990, during which time he headed the House Appropriations Committee for seven years. He served as Cook County’s chief financial officer from 1990 to 1994. He subsequently became a professor in the School of Public Service at DePaul University before retiring several years ago. Although he stopped teaching, he was still active on various projects at the school.

“I was saddened to hear of the death of Woods Bowman in a tragic auto accident last weekend. ‘Woody’ was a fixture in Illinois politics and government for decades,” said Toni Preckwinkle, president of the Cook County Board. “He served with integrity in the State House of Representatives and later, as the County’s Chief Financial Officer under Board President Richard Phelan. Even after he left that position, he remained committed to Cook County, serving most recently as a member of my Task Force on unincorporated areas. I offer my deep regrets at Woody’s passing and extend my wishes for a speedy recovery for his wife Michele.”

Locally, Mr. Bowman was a member of the Board of Housing Options for the Mentally Ill in Evanston and member of various of its committees for more than 25 years. “He brought so many skills and talents to Housing Options, as well as his mirth, his smiles and his wit,” said Claire McCarthy Peterson, president of the Board.     We really were lucky to have him as part of Housing Options.”