On July 7, at 5 p.m. community members observed police officers from the Evanston Police Department and Chicago’s 24th Police District, Rogers Park Station, in a public joint roll call at the southeast corner of Howard Street  and Damen Avenue, Custer Avenue in Evanston. In this way, the public has an opportunity briefed on issues and community concerns specific to their neighborhood.

During the roll call, information was exchanged between both departments to update officers on issues in both jurisdictions that need police attention.

These joint outdoor roll calls are held at various times and locations that require a higher police presence in the warmer months.

An Evanston’s T3 “Green” electric stand-up vehicle(EVS), at left, was on display during the roll call. The City owns two electric stand-up vehicles (EVS) which are presently being used for community policing, parking control, special events and emergency response.  The T3 is a high-performance vehicle with  zero-gas emission, zero-degree turning radius for improved maneuverability in crowds and tight spaces. The EVS comes with two rechargeable batteries and interchangeable power modules for constant 24-hour use without down time. A nine-inch raised platform provides excellent vantage points while still allowing for interaction with the community.

Photos by Mary Mumbrue