Pharmacann, a medical cannabis company formed in March 2014, plans to open an Evanston dispensary, located at 1800 Maple Ave., in October. “We look forward to being in Evanston,” said Norah Scott, co-founder and chief human resource manager of Pharmacann. The company recently received six medical cannabis licenses from the State of Illinois. Two of the licenses are for cultivation centers in Hillcrest and Dwight; the other four are for cannabis dispensaries in Schaumburg, North Aurora, Ottawa and Evanston.

While Pharmacann just received its state medical license in February 2015, Ms. Scott said the company understands security is of paramount importance. “Compliance with state regulations is our top priority,” said Ms. Scott. “Our business is highly regulated,” she added. The Evanston dispensary will feature two onsite security guards, require patients or their caregivers to show all required papers before reaching the dispensary, and all cannabis will come pre-packaged. There will also be on-site cameras.

Ms. Scott said that Pharmacann knows that, “safety is important to the community.” Pharmacann has also taken steps to ensure their business is safe from federal prosecution. “We’ve received a number of memos from the Department of Justice, when companies legally sell cannabis, “It is not a priority to put them out of business,” said Ms. Scott. “It’s legal in the State of Illinois. It’s very regulated,” she added. Once Pharmacann opens its various locations it will be the largest seller of medical cannabis in Illinois. “We start our business here,” said Ms. Scott.

The Evanston dispensary plans to offer both the cannabis flower, cannabis sativa, and cannabis mints and candies. Ms. Scott said that depending “on what the patients are asking for we’ll be expanding what we offer.” The City plans a 6% tax on the sale of Cannabis, with $140,000 earned annually.