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Evanston property owners received their second installment tax bills from the Cook County Treasurer in early July, with payment due August 3, 2015. The bill included a taxing district breakdown section to help people understand the percentage of their bill that is allocated to several school districts, Cook County, and the City, plus miscellaneous taxes.

After the Evanston Township organization was dissolved in 2014, the City of Evanston continued its critical services, including General Assistance, through the Evanston Health & Human Services Department. Despite filing a separate line item in the City’s tax levy with Cook County, the County elected not to break out the General Assistance Fund from the City’s General Operating Fund Levy. 

Because no other municipality in the County had ever requested this change, the County bill creations system was not capable of making this change in 2014, payable in 2015. Due to this situation, the municipality/township taxing section now combines the levy requested by the City of Evanston to pay for general fund operations, such as police, fire, public works, and utilities, with the levy requested to pay for General Assistance services. The City will continue to work with Cook County to break out the General Assistance Levy in future year’s bills.

Later this year, the Cook County Board of Review will be accepting appeals from Evanston residents for next year’s taxes. When appeal dates are announced, residents may call the City’s Property Tax Assessment Review Office at 847-448-8168 for help in preparing an appeal.