EVANSTON, IL. While high school graduates are anxiously awaiting college life, PEER Services is providing a three hour course that will put some worries to rest.

A 2013 survey from the American College Health Association showed shocking trends in the mental wellbeing of college freshmen. A third of students reported stress levels high enough to interfere with their studies, resulting in lower grades. More than half reported feeling overwhelming anxiety and around a third reported experiencing depression. Many freshmen are not prepared for life on campus, but PEER Services’ master level professionals have developed a program to combat those statistics.

“I really looked forward to starting my independent life at college, but it turned out to be harder than expected,” said Liz, a rising junior in college. “If I had been provided with the right tools, like the ones given in this program, I would have made better choices freshman year.”

The three hour program will focus on decision making skills that will be beneficial at school. With health, stress, roommate relationships, time management, as well as the risks of substance use all on the agenda, students will get a head start on the path to a successful college career.

The class will be co-lead by a Masters level counselor and a current college junior. Two sessions are available, one in Evanston and the other in Glenview. The Glenview group will meet Thursday, July 30. 6-9 p.m., at 3633 West Lake Ave. #305, Glenview. The Evanston session takes place Saturday, August 8, 12-3 p.m., at PEER Services’ downtown Evanston location at 906 Davis Street. The fee is $75. To reserve your spot, please call (847) 492-1778 and ask to speak to a counselor in the adolescent program or send an email to mgilot@peerservices.org.