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City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz announced last week that he had “decided not to ask the City Council to approve a furlough day in September.” In a July 23 memo to all City staff, Mr. Bobkiewicz said, “Saving money from a one day furlough would provide a cushion to whatever the State does to the City of Evanston, but I have no idea if it would help a little or a lot.  It is not worth impacting your finances under these circumstances.”

While the City budget remains “in good shape” for this year, Mr. Bobkiewicz said in a statement, the tug-of-war over the State budget continues.

“There are no good signs in Springfield as to the progress of a State Budget,” Mr. Bobkiewicz said, adding that when he accompanied Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl there last week, “there was a general sense that no progress will be made anytime soon. …

“So, we will continue to wait for the Governor and General Assembly to come up with a budget.  A December furlough day remains an option, as do other cost saving measures, depending on the outcomes in Springfield.  Budget staff is watching spending closely and I’ll let you know when other adjustments may be needed.”

Earlier in the summer, Mr. Bobkiewicz asked several City staff members to analyze the workings of the Public Works and Utilities departments to see if greater efficiencies could be found. Those analyses are “on track,” he said. After Assistant City Manager/CFO Martin Lyons submits his final report, Mr. Bobkiewicz said, “I should be able to announce next steps shortly after.”

 Mr. Bobkiewicz concluded the memo by thanking the staff members “for all you do for Evanston.”