OWLs, a recently created non-profit organization dedicated to promoting safe swimming practices, open water swimming and lake preservation, will host Evanston’s first Great Lake Plunge Open Water Swim event on Aug. 22.

The race will be held at Clark Street beach to raise money for two organizations: Alliance for the Great Lakes and Evanston Swims!

Alliance for the Great Lakes has been working to protect the future of the lakes for recreation and wildlife survival since 1970, while Evanston Swims! has been dedicated to teaching youth how to swim for the past three years in collaboration with the McGaw YMCA.

“OWLs, together with the City of Evanston and Precision Multisport, have been working tirelessly to bring this event to Evanston, and we’re truly excited to finally launch it. We aim to register 310 swimmers of all abilities for an exciting and family friendly event that will not only bring the community together but will also have a positive impact on our youth and the environment of the Great Lakes,” said Kendra Robinson, event coordinator and an avid swimmer.

“Our group has high hopes for what our inaugural event has to offer. We have a wonderful group of swimmers already interested in swimming and volunteering
for the event, and we expect it’ll be a great success,” Ms. Robinson added.

“The Alliance for the Great Lakes is honored to be a beneficiary of Evanston’s Great Lake Plunge this summer. We’re grateful to all the swimmers who will be working hard to raise funds that will be used to protect and restore the world’s largest source of surface fresh water right in our backyard,” said Carolyn E. Scholz, individual philanthropy director for Alliance for the Great Lakes.

“The Alliance works with more than 15,000 volunteers, advocates and supporters around the Great Lakes region, pursues protective policies, takes action on the ground, and educates our communities to keep our waters clean and healthy,” said Ms. Scholz.

Swimmers have the option to register for a beginner and kid-friendly 250-yard swim, while more experienced swimmers can choose between a 1.2 mile, 2.4 mile or Lake Michigan’s only 8K swim, targeted to very experienced swimmers.

All proceeds from the event registrations and donations will go directly to Alliance for the Great Lakes and Evanston Swims!

The organizers will also provide plenty of opportunities for the public to win valuable prizes through social media contests and collaboration with MetaMedia, a recently created youth space that fosters creative opportunities and connected learning to local youth at the McGaw YMCA.

More about Great Lake Plunge is available at http://www.greatlakeplunge.com.