The tour group “Rollin' with Rotary” passes out bags and makes friends at the Davis Street CTA and Metra stations.Photo by Karen Kring

Evanston’s first days without plastic shopping bags appear to have gone smoothly. The City of Evanston and several other organizations distributed re-usable bags to residents, and grocery shoppers at many places took home their weekly fruits, vegetables and staples in either paper bags or plastic bags that were stronger and thicker than the banned bags and thus resusable.

Rotary International’s “Rollin’ with Rotary” tour stopped in Evanston on Aug. 6 to highlight its mission to serve others and participate in local projects. The group of four young professionals – Adam Barth, Jason Browne, Kathy Fahy and Marie Fallon – helped assemble bouquets at Random Acts of Flowers, scheduled a street meditation to promote peace and handed out resusable grocery bags at the Davis Street Transportation center. The evening ended with a dance party in downtown Evanston.

“We want everyone to see that Rotary is forward-moving,” said Rotary International Director Jennifer Jones. She is one of 17 global directors who oversee the stewardship and governance of Rotary. Ms. Jones added, “My job on the tour is to introduce you to the bright future of our organization; and this is the first time that anything like this has ever been attempted. These four young professional Rotarians exemplify how Rotarians feel at every age – ready for service to their communities and the world.”