Celebrating a significant birthday gives pause – and time enough for an inner-inventory. What follows are only a few of some “truths” I have learned along the way – and a kind of birthday card to share.

  —  a genuine smile brightens any day

 —  in learning, using one’s mind to think is far better than simply memorizing

 —  a healthy self-image can make life’s challenges adventures of becoming

—  religion can be  a haven for those believers who need to know or feel they know, or  need someone else to know for them. Spirituality is where one may experience the God within and all about

 —  true democracy is an ideal; it is not a gift of government but a personal attitude that enables one to see something of self in every other

 —  a genuine sense of humor is determined more by what is laughed about than what is laughed at

—  we are all individually a mix of masculine/feminine. Authenticity and the quest for wholeness is a personal responsibility

 —  evil is the worst curse of being human

 —  true friendship is the perfect example of “What you give is what you get”

 —  the best questions are stepping stones into discovery which, most often, are other questions

 —  wisdom often comes in bits and pieces and is usually found in plain ol’ common sense

 —  politicians may “mean well” but It sure would be helpful sometimes knowing what they really mean

 —  many people have good reason to be angry at their worlds’ shortcomings; however, they could find better and sane ways to deal with them

—  wanted:  a new technology to figure out the technologies currently in place

 —  aging is a full-time job; there is no escaping the body’s built-in plumbing, electrical and structural obsolescence  

 —  finally, if our Constitution is a living document, how long will it take for it to mature? And are we the ones who need to do so as well?