Herbert Bronstein, Peggy McNamara and Barbara Thompson begin the mini triathlon at The Mather on Sept. 1.RoundTable photo

Eight weeks of training paid off for 17 residents of The Mather on Sept. 1, as they took part in a mini triathlon. While participants followed the traditional triathlon framework – exercising on foot, on bikes and in the water – times and mechanics were adjusted for these 60-, 70-, and 80-year olds. Participants spent 10 minutes walking around the perimeter of The Mather or using a treadmill or elliptical in the fitness room, 10 minutes riding a stationary bike and the final 10 minutes swimming or water-walking.

The 90-degree weather did not appear to dampen the participants’ enthusiasm. Herbert Bronstein, waiting for the start-time near the front door, said he was “ready for speed-walking.” Mareon Arnold said she felt the walk outdoors “will be the most challenging event.”

Anita Tomasevic, life enrichment manager at The Mather, said the idea of a mini triathlon arose “because we wanted to do something new. … It’s more about being a part of this group and participating and doing a little more.”