Murals created by students at Lincoln Elementary school over the past three years will be formally dedicated at 5 p.m. on Oct. 1 at the school, 910 Forest Ave. The three biodiversity panels reflect Evanston’s ecosystem and the many diverse cultures at the school. The design of each panel is based on a mandala, a Buddhist symbol of a square form with a circle at the center. The design of these mandalas emphasizes the connections among plants, animals and geography.

Every student in the school contributed a piece to at least one set of the murals – the biodiversity panels being dedicated next week and the “Lakescape” panels unveiled last year. The Lakescape panels tell the story of the seasons – winter to spring, summer and fall – from nearby Lee Street beach to the Chicago skyline. Sonata Kazimieraitiene was artist in residence for the project; Corinne Peterson was assistant artist and project manager was Sara Laing, cultural arts chair of the Lincoln School PTA.

The murals, created from ceramic tile, natural stone, glass pebbles and high-fire porcelain, will be featured on a tour as part of the State Arts conference that will be held in Evanston next week.