State Sen. Daniel Biss (D-Evanston) issued the following statement regarding the Illinois state museums being closed to the public after Wednesday.

“Let’s be clear: The museums aren’t really closing. Rather, Governor Rauner is locking out the public. The employees will still show up for work. The exhibits will remain in their places. The buildings will be heated and air conditioned. But, the governor is locking the doors and denying the public access to a tremendous asset and public resource.

It’s a foolish, mean-spirited move. Locking the doors and shooing away school groups from a fully staffed museum complex doesn’t save any money.

Governor Rauner’s short-sighted, uncaring decision won’t help the state economically, but will impede our cultural and educational growth.

I urge the governor to leave the museum doors open and fight his budget battles at the negotiating table.”