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The City of Evanston Utilities Commission invites community stakeholders to participate in its second public meeting to explore and develop a building utility benchmarking ordinance for the City.

The meeting will be held:

7 p.m., Thursday, October 22
Morton Civic Center—Room 2402
2100 Ridge Ave., Evanston

The Utilities Commission has been working with community members since June to develop a building utility benchmarking ordinance for Evanston. Benchmarking is the process of tracking the resources consumed, over time, of an existing building, such as a school, hospital, or office building, and comparing the results to similar buildings or an applicable standard. Other U.S. cities, including Chicago, have implemented benchmarking policies and ordinances.

The Utilities Commission is a formal City commission comprised of Evanston community members with experience and knowledge of the utility, engineering and finance industries. As part of the process of developing a benchmarking ordinance, community members and organization representatives who feel that they would be impacted are invited to attend this second meeting for stakeholders. This meeting will provide an overview of benchmarking as well as an update on the Commission’s progress.

Benchmarking ordinances generally require property owners of affected buildings to aggregate and report their building’s utility usage, but do not require them to make any changes to the building’s utility performance. Once utility usage has been accurately reported, the City would compile a report from each building and post a list of the benchmarked buildings and their performances. Benchmarking is one way for the City to continue to gauge Evanston’s progress towards its stated greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals as outlined in the City’s Livability Plan. Just as the Evanston green building ordinance helps the City evaluate energy usage of new buildings, benchmarking will help the City evaluate utility usage of existing mid-sized and large buildings.

For more information, please visit cityofevanston.org/benchmarking or contact City of Evanston Sustainability Fellow Kumar Jensen at 847-448-8199 or kjensen@cityofevanston.org.