“Tenebrous Flight,” Kristina Knowski, 2015Submitted photo

The “Birds in Jeopardy” exhibition will showcase work about endangered and extinct birds. Artwork in this group show includes paintings by Peggy Macnamara, a resident illustrator at the Field Museum, who also specializes in painting birds. Sarah Kaiser-Amaral has curated the exhibition, which also includes art by Kristina Knowski, Lindsey Sandbothe, Maggie Weiss and others. All artists in the exhibition will donate a portion of sales to a local bird conservation organization.

The exhibition is located on the first floor gallery of the Noyes Cultural Center, located at 927 Noyes St.

Ms. Macnamara will teach a free bird drawing workshop on Nov. 7, from 1 to 4 p.m.,  at the Noyes Cultural Art Center in room 106, 927 Noyes St. The size is limited to 10 people, so please RSVP by calling 773-318-0163.

Ms. Macnamara is one of the artists whose work is featured in the “Birds of Jeopardy” exhibit, which  will be on display at the gallery until Dec. 1.